Sunday, February 22, 2015

NE AG Doug Peterson is VERY offended at being called a bigot stalling gay marriage on taxpayer's dime

Religious right winger and Agenda 21 conspiracy theorist nutbag Doug Peterson (Nebraska's new attorney general!) wants you to know that the push for gay marriage isn't really about the survivor of a male couple having to pay tens of thousands of dollars in inheritance taxes for stuff he had already paid for before his partner of 28 years died.
     It's not really about two gay women (one of whom has stage IV cancer) who are raising children and now have to worry about custody rights (and inheritance taxes) for the survivor, and about the very real threat that she might have to sell the house and move herself and the kids elsewhere.
     No, it's not about them at all! It's really all about Attorney General Doug Peterson's hurt feelings when he is called a homophobic bigot for stalling gay marriage in Nebraska and billing taxpayers for his recalcitrant religious agenda when 37 other states are already marrying gay couples or will shortly.
     From KETV's video, below:
I'm a little bit concerned in our society now that there is somewhat of an intolerance for those who kick gay families to the curb support traditional families. Being called narrow-minded. Being called bigoted. That's unfair.
Those readers who are wondering exactly how much Doug Peterson is spending to delay gay marriage in the Cornhusker State might do well to heed a recent tweet from the ACLU informing curious Nebraskans that they need only make a request under Nebraska’s public records law to find out. 

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