Sunday, December 14, 2014

Ted Shoebat: the most appalling Christer troll you'll see all week:

JoeMyGod just posted a couple videos from a clown who evidently fancies himself another James O'Keefe.
     His schtick is to call up gay or gay-friendly bakeries, lie to them about wanting a cake for his unspecified pro-traditional marriage group, then ask them if he can have a cake with "Gay Marriage Is Wrong" written on it.
     If they balk, he badgers them by demanding to know why they don't believe in equality, when gay people have harassed Christian bakers in what he falsely asserts is a similar way. (The video below is the short successor to a longer video of the same stunt.)
     Obviously there are several problems to his approach. Telling people you want a PRO-traditional marriage cake, then specifying a message saying "Gay Marriage is wrong" is like saying you want a cake for a Black Is Beautiful social club that says "Kill Whitey."
     We wouldn't want to see Shoebat's scores in IQ tests that measure the ability to identify similar things.
     Another problem is that Shoebat may have broken the law repeatedly. If he called bakeries in states which do not allow the recording of telephone conversations without notifying the other party, he could be in trouble even if he called from a state which allows such practices.


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