Thursday, December 4, 2014

Megan Fox, bane of harried librarians, now goes after the Brookfield zoo in an 'audit'

From Ms. Fox, who has proved she's not completely idiotic by shrewdly turning off comments to her latest whacked Internet videos and who has wisely chosen an appropriate milieu for herself:
     It's obvious what they're doing here, right? They're just pushing a Darwinist theory onto everyone who walks through here. They're equating human being with monkeys, even going to far as to have this guy sit like a monkey, which is hilarious. What I think is, you'd have to have an incredible amount of faith to believe you came from apes or monkeys and that is what Darwinism asks us to do.
     (Anyone who paid attention in any real school knows that Charles Darwin said men and monkeys had the same common ancestor, far removed the the lie embraced by Fox and her homeschooling friends and YouTube viewers who take her drivel seriously.)

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