Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Country Music Association's Song of the Year is Kacey Musgrave's gay-affirming, pot-affirming Follow Your Arrow

Writing in Slate, J. Bryan Lowder took note of Jillian Mapes' observance that commercial country radio programmers lag the genre's fans in acceptance of LGBTs:
“Follow Your Arrow” may have received a modest amount of radio airplay — peaking at No. 43 on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart — but it fared better on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart (No. 10), which is determined by streaming and digital sales in addition to airplay. Clearly, these are stories people want to hear, even if commercial radio programmers were hesitant to offer them up. “I wish I could play that song on my station” was a sentiment echoed in various forms by country programming directors in a Billboard story from last year.
Lowder also documented Musgrave's impatience with the reactionary shitheads who act as the broadcasting gatekeepers of country music:
When asked her about the need for country to embrace the LGBTQ community, she was crystal clear:

It never happens and I'm sick of it. It's ridiculous. Whether or not you agree with gay marriage or the fact that people don't choose to be gay, we share the same emotions, needs and wants. I just think that everyone should be included in that. It's definitely time. 
Unrelated: This morning, NPR announced that Billy Currington is 41 today.

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