Monday, November 10, 2014

HRC thumps the bible in support of MS gay rights

AKSARBENT previously criticized HRC for its press release announcing a Nebraska field office in which it simultaneously touted the religiosity of Nebraska LGBTs AND disclosed the results of a survey it paid for indicating that only 31% of the LGBTs in the state were "people of faith." (WTF HRC?)
     We also quoted critics of the nation's biggest, best-funded gay advocacy group who deplore what they consider the tendency of the organization to run roughshod over local attitudes and efforts of gay activists.
     In Mississippi, HRC has adopted local bible sentiments to make its pitch, which puts AKSARBENT in a dilemma: we can criticize the organization for pandering to Christers or for ignoring local traditions but we can't do both.
     Now we have to pick one thing or the other. Since HRC has obviously come down on the side of pragmatism, we can only grumble under our breath and hush our mouth.
     Bless HRC's little heart. There, we said it.

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