Thursday, October 16, 2014

What really frightens Maggie Gallagher

Maggie Gallagher a founder of the National Organization for [the prevention of gay] Marriage, isn't worried about Ebola, but the following, in a recent National Review piece. (Find it yourself; we aren't linking to it) does worry her:
"Second, after spending $250,000 to give my son a college education, learning that he won’t be able to find a job that allows him to support himself and a family."
     Presumably this refers to Gallagher's second son, who, if he takes after his older step-brother, won't have to bother finding a job remunerative enough to support a wife and kids.
     Another thing that doesn't scare Gallagher is being ridiculed for teasing a future National Review piece by linking to a YouTube video of Michael Stipes singing about an unrequited gay crush. The source of Maggie's concern ("tears streaming down my face") is NOT the recent Catholic synod, we are informed.
     Damn straight:  Maggie's weeping isn't about "objections to welcoming gay people."
     Maggie had to made that clear because, you see, she has this unfortunate homophobic reputation.
     Not that we would believe she would cry about the Roman Catholic Church going easier on teh gays. We always knew she was more cold-blooded than that.
     Related: Below, her successor at the National Organization for Marriage, Brian Brown, debating Evan Wolfson on CSPAN. Wolfson, we think, is the most articulate spokesman for marriage equality around and worth his weight in gold, which he proves every time a TV camera is pointed at him.
     To watch him is a master's class in how to demolish an opponent's arguments without offending his supporters watching at home while simultaneously effectively persuading undecideds.

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