Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Now streaming on Netflix: the remarkable gay-themed Taiwanese/Korean film Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

A lush score. Beautiful cinematography. Stunning moments of magical realism. Infused with sharp wit and irony, without cynicism. A delight from the first frame until the last, AKSARBENT thinks Arvin Chen's Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow is 2013's best film of gay interest.
     Chen is a director raised in the the U.S. and he has made the film that is everything that Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee's first gay film, The Wedding Banquet, wasn't.
     The two trailers below seem to depict two different films, a common ploy used to sell a film to different demographic groups, but in the case of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, neither trailer misrepresents this well-made, multi-layered and immensely satisfying movie.
     The film further burnishes the status of the Carol King/Gerry Goffin evergreen as one of the greatest pop songs of the 20th Century. Covered by an astonishing variety of artists, the standard's enduring popularity never seems to wane — it just waxes.
     (Wikipedia erroneously says Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was the first #1 song by a girl group, a preposterous claim busted by Wiki's own entry for the Andrews Sisters.)

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