Sunday, September 7, 2014

Flashback: when Howard Stern sexually probed Donny Osmond

Osmond was an unbelievably good sport about being sexually harassed interviewed by Stern.

     Though Osmond has the condescending disapproval of gay people typical of many Mormons, at which we can only sneer, he is also deserving of a great deal of sympathy from those who should be glad they didn't have his life, one from which any sensible person would recoil. When pressed, Osmond can be painfully honest, but he isn't whiny.
     While still a teenager, starring in ABC-TV's briefly popular (and mostly execrable) Donnie and Marie show with his sister, he was making $25,000 per episode, but never saw the money, which went to the family corporation. That firm narrowly avoided bankruptcy not long after ABC cancelled the variety program. About $60 million disappeared. At the 36:56 marker in a stark, poignant video here with Piers Morgan, Osmond said he if he had it all to do over, he wouldn't — and neither would have his siblings.

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