Tuesday, June 17, 2014

NE State Patrol releases low-quality flyover video of Pilger, NE devastation from one of the twin tornadoes which struck Sunday

The security-camera-quality video is from FLIR Systems! We know that because the company watermarks the upper right corner of the screen, partially obscuring what is being recorded there with a convenient reminder of whom to blame for the crummy footage.
     The YouTube "About" tab notes that the "Nebraska State Patrol has a Bell 407 helicopter. The helicopter and video equipment was purchased with the use of US Department of Homeland Security grant funds."
     We can only imagine what they were charged.

     Sunday's death toll rose to two with the inclusion of a deceased five-year-old whose picture (on a stretcher) may have been the one published by Mashable. (Update: it wasn't.) If you're interested, go there as AKSARBENT doesn't publish pictures of dead or unconscious kids on stretchers.
     Surprisingly, the fatalities are the first in Nebraska from a tornado in ten years.
     Pilger is 50-75% heavily damaged or destroyed, according to Stanton County Sheriff Mike Unger.
     Compare and contrast: below, a still from KETV's flyover showing the collapsed grain elevators.
     Casual observance: Now we know where ALDI gets its canned corn. Just kidding! What you see below is probably animal feed and not fit for human consumption. Oh, wait.

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