Monday, June 16, 2014

College World Series: Ole Miss Baseball's bed check enforcer knocks on door tagged "Do Not Disturb"

"Do not disturb! We don't care."
"Sorry, must have the wrong room. Totally apologize."
"That's never happened before."
"All the Rebs are accounted for."
Above frame grabs were from the video below, starting at 16:45. Although Ben Fleming "totally apologized" to the non-Ole-Miss ballplayer in the room listed as occupied by part of his team, he apparently wasn't sorry enough to stop the video recording or to insist on deleting the sequence, which eventually was included in a University of Mississippi athletic promotion video.
     AKSARBENT wonders how, if the roster of Fleming's cohort, Andrew Case, really listed a wrong room, they were able to account for all the members of their team. Just saying.

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