Saturday, June 7, 2014

A petition to get Hellmann's and Best Foods to stop treating live animals like trash

From Farm Forward's YouTube description:
     Hellmann's & Best Foods (both owned by Unilever) dispose of more than a million live baby chicks every year like they're trash. We want to buy food that reflects our values. When a company harms animals to make their products, they betray our trust.
     Join us in asking these iconic brands to regain our trust by finding a more compassionate way to make mayo. Sign the petition at

     AKSARBENT only recently became aware of how sleazy a company Unilever is when it looked at a box of the company's Lipton "Soup Secrets" noodle soup.
     To hide the alarming amount of sodium with which Unilever laces its Lipton soup, the company outrageously abuses the nutrition "Serving Size" label — a common trick among unscrupulous companies, but one which Unilever has taken to new heights of deception among busy shoppers who may not notice how ridiculously small the company's "serving size" for the product is: just two tablespoons!
     That's only 1/8 of an 8 oz. bowl of soup. A full eight-ounce bowl would contain FIVE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED SIXTY milligrams of sodium, in a product marketed to children (see box).
     Disgusting. Lipton, evidently, is the new Nestle.

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