Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Quote of the day: the craven craving of heterosexual supremacists for anonymity

The conclusion of Mark Josef Stern's piece in Slate, Anti-Gay Activists’ Craven, Hypocritical Demand for Total Anonymity:
As gay marriage becomes increasingly accepted in America, anti-gay activists will paint themselves as an ever more beleaguered minority, standing up for their right to dissent in the face of persecution and unpopularity. But the right to dissent does not include the right to strip gay people of their constitutionally guaranteed liberty under a cloak of total secrecy. As Justice Scalia noted in this very same context, “harsh criticism … is the price our people have traditionally been willing to pay for self-governance.” The anti-gay-marriage movement has apparently decided it is no longer willing to pay that price. Fortunately for the rest of us, this craven hypocrisy finds no shelter under the U.S. Constitution.
Speaking of hypocrisy, the Daily Kos noticed that the National Organization for Marriage recently accused marriage equality campaigners of double standards, then published a list of NOM's own double standards here. A chapter heading of the litany is below. Ouch!
  • Hypocrisy over the use of children in campaigning 
  • Hypocrisy over legislative priorities 
  • Hypocrisy over letting the people vote 
  • Hypocrisy over boycotts 
  • Hypocrisy over court decisions 
  • Hypocrisy over ties between politicians and activists 
  • Hypocrisy over the First Amendment 
  • Hypocrisy over refusals of service 
  • Hypocrisy over representative government 
  • Hypocrisy over inappropriate politicization 
  • Hypocrisy over LGBT issues in inaugural addresses 
  • Hypocrisy over civil debate 
  • Hypocrisy over lawlessness 
  • Hypocrisy over statements by medical organizations 
  • Hypocrisy over donations 
  • Hypocrisy over political bullying 
  • Hypocrisy over slavery rhetoric 
  • Hypocrisy over employment and LGBT issues 
  • Hypocrisy over international activism 
  • Hypocrisy over the word "haters"

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