Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sen. Danielle Conrad's answer to Beau McCoy's "religious freedom" objection during his filibuster of LB485, bill to extend antibias job protection to LGBTs

From the World-Herald:

...The Nebraska Catholic Conference and Nebraska Family Alliance still oppose the measure. Jim Cunningham of the Nebraska Catholic Conference said the exemptions would not help employers who are not part of religious organizations or schools but who have religious objections to homosexuality.
     Similar laws have been used to punish businesses that assert religious freedom, McCoy said.
     Conrad countered that the First Amendment right of religious freedom applies to individuals, not businesses.
     “Is it his assertion that a Taco Bell or a car dealership has a religion?” she asked.
     Jim Cunningham once argued that psychologists, therapists and other licensed counselors should be able to refuse to treat gay clients because of religious or moral convictions and not have to refer them to another therapist. 

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