Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TMZ ambushes Warren Buffet, but not before calling his wife Astrid Menks a drag queen

In the second teaser to the sorry spectacle below, one member of the TMZ staff name-checked Buffet's wife, Astrid Menks and immediately got a "Drag Queen!" response by one of the resident punks who has obviously been on the streets of Hollywood too long, or perhaps confused Astrid with "Mink Stole," who, although she played Divine's daughter in a John Waters film, isn't a drag queen either.
     If you want to hear the teaser's snarky slur, you'll have to watch today's episode on your DVR or online tomorrow at TMZ's website.
     Trust AKSARBENT, Menks didn't look like a drag queen back in the day when she worked at the French Cafe and she doesn't look like one now.

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