Sunday, March 30, 2014

Newsmax host: Don Lemon laughed at Emily Miller's defense of Michele Bachman because he's gay;
Miller: 'I'm not some kind of right wing nut!'

NewsMax host Steve Malzberg:
Ever since he [Lemon] announced he was gay... I see a correlation there...

Lemon and his other guest, The Root editor Keli Goff, had laughed through assertions by Moonie-owned Washington Times' writer Miller about Obama's lack of merit as president:
Lemon: She [Bachmann] is saying that people voted for Barack Obama because they were guilty.
Miller: I think there's a lot of truth to that. There's still white guilt over...
Lemon: And they were still guilty four years later?
Miller: Absolutely. I think so because he obviously didn't win on the merits. The economy — are you going to laugh, Don or let me finish? — the economy is, um, a disaster and it's the highest unemployment rate, even though it was jimmied in the end, of any president that's been reelected, so — he destroyed our healthcare system — so what merits? I think people want to give him a chance because he's black.

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