Sunday, December 8, 2013

Looks like the National Organization for Marriage's effort to bully its most tenacious critic isn't working

Fred Karger just sent out another press release about the D.C. antigay political pressure group that helped Bob Vander Plaats oust three supreme court justices in Iowa before the Iowa Bar Association fought back, defeating an effort to evict a fourth judge, in 2012. The press release is under the video, below.

IRS Charges Filed Against NOM
Appears to Have Used 82% of Its Charitable Fund for Politics
from Fred

WASHINGTON, DC -- On November 25, 2013 I received another threatening and harassing letter via certified mail from the law firm representing the National Organization for Marriage (NOM). The two page letter dated November 1, 2013 (see below) demanded that I save every paper or electronic file, all data, voicemails, e-mails, attachments, file drawers, hard drives, floppy disks, telephone logs, calendars, offline storage, and the list goes on and on that may relate to NOM's lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (Case No. 1:113-cv-1225).

     Let me be clear, I had absolutely no knowledge about the release of NOM's 2008 tax return in question that the Internal Revenue Service may or may not have sent to someone. While I continually pressure NOM to obey state and federal laws and file its federal tax returns on time, I learned of the release of NOM's 2008 tax returns just like everyone else, when it was posted on various web sites in the spring of last year.

Serious Complaint Field Against NOM on 2012 Taxes

     But to save NOM and its attorneys the trouble, there is one very interesting document that I have just received; an IRS form 13909 filed by David C, Hart of Florida.

     Mr. Hart recently filed this "Tax-Exempt Organization Complaint (Referral) Form" (see below and attached) charging NOM's charitable arm with a possible, and very serious violation of the tax code, on its 2012 federal tax return of its a 501(c)3 - the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund.

     In his request for an investigation of the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund, Mr. Hart discovered and stated in his filing that "82% of total revenues seem to have gone to the affiliated 501(c)4, National Organization for Marriage EIN 26-0240498. The top six donors have combined donations slightly lower than the amount involved. Those donations should be DISALLOWED as tax deductible."

     Mr. Hart breaks down the $4,175,151 that NOM spent from its charitable operation on politics which is not allowed. It appears that NOM may have conspired with its largest donors to provide tax deductible funds for its charitable arm and then give that money to its 501(c)4 operation to fight its various political battles around the country.

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  1. This is how NOM has operated for quite some time. NOM sets up bogus spinoff groups, all run by NOMs usual suspects, to accept donations that Re then donated back to NOM.

    Its a total scam and Robert George is the man behind it all.