Monday, December 23, 2013

GOP actress Sarah Palin says her imaginary nameless gay friend totally hates A&E for what it did to Phil Robertson and will boycott the network!

Also: A Texas state representative and a Nebraska gubernatorial candidate opportunistically jump on the Defend-Duck-Dynasty-Millionaire-Martyr bandwagon;
Omaha-born tennis great (and fun-loving Internet troll) Andy Roddick is now sporting a t-shirt with a naked photo of John Isner.

You know what else? Palin just happened to be wearing Duck Dynasty camo attire when Fox called, so she didn't even have to change clothes! What luck, huh?
     From the interview, starting at the 3:14 mark of the video above:
"In fact, a friend of mine who happens to be gay, she emailed me to say she is outraged at A&E for the hypocrisy here, for the things that they air on their program that she finds offensive, yet A&E doesn't fire a star or somebody involved in their programming based on what they said but they would  when it comes to Phil on Duck Dynasty and this friend, she said that she would boycott A&E and that network, and um, she's not the only one — I've received many, many emails from people saying, 'Yeah, why give 'em our money, our eyes, our ears, our resources, uh, there are other channels out there to be watching.' "

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  1. Have you read the Bible? Did you know the quote you have provided above and attributed to Phil Robertson is actually a statement taken from the book of Romans, Chapter 1? Just thought you might want to give proper credit - those words came from Paul in his letter to Rome.