Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sens. Deb Fischer, Mike Johanns and Charles Grassley defy public opinion, vote to kill LGBT civil rights law; how all senators voted on ENDA

Grassley, Fischer and Johanns to gay constituents: Drop dead
ENDA, the Employment NonDiscrimination Act covering LGBTs, has been introduced and re-introduced since 1996. Today it passed for the first time in the Senate, 64-32.
   HRC (Human Rights Campaign), published a complete list of how each senator voted and suggested that readers whose senators voted "no" send an email (through HRC's name-gathering, fund-raising website, of course) including the following:
Your opposition to this crucial legislation puts you at odds with a majority of Americans who support workplace equality. I hope you will be persuaded to stand on the right side of history the next time pro-equality legislation comes up for a vote. 
     Putting their own agenda above the will of Nebraskans, Sens. Johanns and Fischer nixed ENDA despite the fact that 73% of Nebraskans favor "Protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgender people from discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations."
     Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley, who purportedly represents a state where support for LGBT legal protection is even higher than in Nebraska, also voted, once again, against legal protection for LGBTs.
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