Sunday, October 13, 2013

St. Petersburg, Russia cops cart away 67 violent antigay counterprotesters and, for good measure,
their progay targets

St. Petersburg, Russia police arrested 67 people at a Coming Out Day demonstration in a park where Russia Today claims about 20 activists were met by dozens of "radical Orthodox Christians, Cossack paramilitary and Russian nationalists."
     RT said most of those arrested were antiLGBTs who "turned violent."
     The most interesting part of RT's story was the comments following the story by the Russian equivalent of Glenn Beck Teabaggers who are convinced that the 300 U.S. NGOs in Russia are trying to overthrow the government and are CIA spies.
     There may or may not be as much truth in that as there is in the rumor here in Omaha that a certain bargain tobacco outlet, which has expanded recently with slick and expansive new stores, is really a Russian Mob enterprise engaged in widespread identity theft via its side business, the sale of cell phones.

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