Saturday, September 21, 2013

Trick question—which doesn't belong with the others: 15-year-old, boy, pantless, backseat, priest, Craigslist, Penn State campus

Pennsylvania's Lackawanna County, where the below incident happened, recently passed an ordinance banning all religious advertising on public transit in order to stop a local atheist group from running the ad above.
Bishops of the Diocese of Scranton since 1988, left to right: Joseph C. Bambera, appointed 4/26/2010;
Joseph Francis Martino, appointed 7/5/2003; James Clifford Timlin, appointed 4/24/1984
      Via JoeMyGod: "The Times-Tribune of Scranton reported that Paulish, 56, has been reassigned 15 times by the Diocese of Scranton after being ordained in 1988 and has had three separate leaves of absence. The diocese did not respond to the newspaper's requests to explain the reassignments and absences."

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