Sunday, September 8, 2013

Drunk idea: Maybe Archrival marketing could do for Graham Spanier what it has done for Harvey Perlman!

Archrival marketing, of Lincoln, has done wonders (for the low, low price of $40,000) to create a YouTube cult of personality for UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman by leveraging his sharp sense of humor in a slew of Internet videos that allegedly will convince high school students around the world to flock to the University of Nebraska to pay out-of-state tuition.
     The videos (samples below) have garnered about 250,000 views, less than a quarter of the popularity of Lincoln's other Internet video sensation, Jane Svoboda, who was made famous by this very blog, although nobody paid us $40,000. (Not that we're bitching — it was our own fault for failing to realize that the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce probably would have bribed us to not post that video).
     Anyway, now that former chancellor Graham Spanier is in a tight spot (legally, not monetarily (#2 here)), we were thinking that perhaps Archrival’s creative marketing director, Clint! Runge, (Oh! Puleez!) could work his magic to improve Spanier's predicament.
     If so, could we please have a small finder's or liason fee?

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