Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Roman Catholic Cardinal refers to Obama ambassador nominee as a 'faggot'

(AKSARBENT replaced the first video in this post with one that is subtitled.)

From Buzzfeed:
Catholic Cardinal Nicolás de Jesús López Rodríguez referred to Brewster as a “maricón” — which is usually translated as “faggot” — during a press conference. At his side, Monseñor Pablo Cedano promised the nominee such an unpleasant stay in the country that he will have to return home.
From Americablog's John Aravosis:
     What kind of organization tolerates these kind of slurs, let alone the rape of children?  Paula Deen, a TV chef, lost her entire career for admitting insensitivity to minorities.  But a Catholic Cardinal does the same, and it’s no big deal – just another day at the altar.  After all, when you aid and abet pedophilia, and the literal enslavement of women, what’s a bigoted slur against hundreds of millions of citizens of the world?
     I grew up Christian, but not Catholic.  And even after coming to terms with being gay, I never fully understand why so many of my gay friends who grew up Catholic had such a visceral hatred for the Catholic Church.  Now I do.
     Rodriguez' insulting arrogance and sense of political entitlement is a reminder of how the Roman Catholic Church uses power and deference whenever and wherever it gets it either.
     The Cardinal's ridiculous and unsupported contention that a gay U.S. ambassador would have any agenda other than the interests of the United States is contemptibly typical of the attitude of the Catholic Church, an organization which has no loyalties to any country except the postage stamp principality it calls home, where the Vatican Bank for years routinely violated money-laundering laws.

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