Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Meet Gilberton, PA, Police Chief Mark Kessler, also a member of the North Schuylkill School Board, who once shot himself in the hand in a bar

Kessler's boss, Gilberton Mayor Marylou Hannon, also a nutcase 2nd amendment Teabagger, says she's in favor of protecting Kessler's First Amendment rights, meaning she won't discipline him for the national ridicule of Gilberton that he is inviting as more people see his Youtube videos.
     "It would be terribly inappropriate to comment on or restrict what our employees do on their free time," said Mayor Hannon.
     Kessler himself has no qualms about restricting free speech; he has disabled comments on his YouTube videos. (The second one below is a repost on an account which is allowing comment on Kessler's bizarre behavior.)
     In 2011, Kessler shot himself in the hand when he, "off-duty at the time, became involved in an altercation already under way among patrons inside a crowded 2nd Street Pub about midnight...
     After Kessler was shot, he had left the scene with a friend to seek emergency treatment at Saint Catherine Medical Center Fountain Springs before troopers arrived.
     On Thursday, Kessler referred all comments to his attorney, Joseph Nahas, Frackville, who was unavailable."

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