Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Fire Director of National Security Gen. James R. Clapper. He lied to Congress about NSA surveillance. What else will he lie about?

Clappertrap on Edward Snowden's revelation confirmation
of what every terrorist and his dog already suspected
Even if you think Sen. Ron Wyden's direct question to Clapper at a Senate Hearing about the scope of NSA domestic spying was a "gotcha" question (we certainly don't), the fact remains that Clapper was given 24 hours of advance notice by Wyden that the question would be asked.
     The general, a millionaire former Booz Allen executive, nevertheless couldn't stop himself from displaying the classic Washington spook mien of contempt of Congress by telling (as Edward Snowden has now proven to one and all) one of the biggest, fattest lies ever told to the Senate — that any data collection on innocent Americans was "unwitting," even though at the time Clapper knew that details of virtually every call by every American was being assembled into a hugely overreaching database ready, as Snowden pithily put it, for "Turnkey Tyranny."

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