Sunday, June 9, 2013

MarchFourth (M4) band at 2013 Omaha Summer Arts Festival: Viva Portland!

     This year the Summer Arts Festival featured a plethora of lovely booths displaying the wares of local and regional artists which were supplemented by other renowned and beloved craftspeople like CenturyLink, Paypal and Direct TV. It was even cloudier than last year, which is fine with AKSARBENT since we believe humidity is a dish best served cold.
     Our escort, Kenny, told us that the marching band (!) would start at 6:15, a prediction at which we smirked, since at the time a medium rain was falling.
     We should have BELIEVED, because a thinner, dryer layer of clouds moved across Farnam Street just in time for the four-block trek by Portland's own MarchFourth marching band. After the first encore, the wet returned to medium, and shortly after that to the Zeus-Shaking-A-Seltzer-Cannister-Over-Omaha mark.
     Odd but true fact: while many of the geezers were out in the rain following the Portland musicians down the street as they did the Fat Tuesday thing, the much-younger hipsters were cowering in the concert tent swilling beer to the Bobby Darin stylings of a Frank Sinatra impersonator.
     Last year our video came courtesy of a Canon Vixia. This year it arrived via a GH2, a camera which takes mediocre stills, but video so fantastic that even Hitler had to take a number to try to get his hands on one. And we even used the 20mm Panasonic Lumix pancake lens that der Fuhrer so loved!
     Although, overall AKSARBENT prefers Canon audio, in this outing the Lumix GH2 performed as close to perfection as we can hear. The marching band audio is truly Headphone Heaven if you have a decent one.


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