Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fred Karger goes to Iowa, rips NOM's John Eastman as he files first of two new complaints against National Organization for Marriage: 'They’re a crooked organization. They defy the law willingly.'

Karger fills out complaint, with Megan Tooker of
the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board.
(Via Radio Iowa; listen to his presser here.)
According to The New Civil Rights Movement:

“A second complaint will be filed by Karger the following day, this one with the Federal Election Commission (FEC),” the release adds:
The 65 page sworn and notarized complaint is against former Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum, the National Organization for Marriage and Family Leader CEO Bob Vander Plaats.
Karger’s FEC complaint will request an investigation into the “Pay for Play” question surrounding Mr. Vander Plaats’ highly controversial eleventh hour endorsement of Rick Santorum for President. Several other candidates sought Vander Plaats’ endorsement just two weeks before the all-important 2012 Iowa Caucus, but he went with Santorum. Governor Rick Perry said at the time that Vander Plaats’ endorsement cost up to $1 million.
Mr. Santorum who received the coveted endorsement on December 20, 2011 had no money in his campaign bank account. Our complaint will show how the National Organization for Marriage and its consultants played a major role in paying for and securing the Vander Plaats endorsement of Rick Santorum for President.
Here's an excerpt from the Radio Iowa audio of Karger's press conference at the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board in Des Moines, earlier today, starting at the 8:40 mark:
This group constantly feels that it's above the law... last week, you may have seen the Ways and Means Committee hearings in Washington. John Eastman, who is the chairman [of NOM]... he's a former law school dean at Chapman Law School in California, a professor there now, has defied the Supreme Court ruling on their disclosure of their donor names in Maine, yet he stands before the Ways and Means Committee last week complaining that the IRS released documents — which they admitted they did, inadvertently — which showed their donor names... eleven names, including Mitt Romney, showed that they had not reported those in California on Prop 8... They had selectively reported some donors — most donors —  but not this $345,000 worth. So they're a crooked  organization, they defy the law willingly, and then have the gall to stand up before the Ways and Means [Committee], grandstanding, not talking about any of the problems they have had, and the laws they've broken and blaming the IRS and blaming President Obama... citing them in the release of these IRS documents.
Below is the hypocrisy and bombast on the part of NOM's John Eastman, to which Karger referred, at a recent IRS hearing in D.C., in which an enraptured GOP Rep. Thomas Price, of Georgia's 6th Congressional District, ate up with a spoon Eastman's performance depicting the nailing of NOM and its enablers to the cross with unspecified acts of oppression by marriage equality supporters:

One of the organizations associated with Bob Vander Plaats, who is named in Karger's FEC complaint, is Iowa's Family Leader. Its vice president, Chuck Hurley, said, in a written statement:
“In considering the source (a notorious attention-seeker) and motive of the false allegation, we won’t dignify it with any comment, except that the public record is clear, and we will respond if election officials request additional clarification,” Hurley said.
Here are two of AKSARBENT's videos about the tactics of Chuck Hurley's organization, Iowa's Family Leader, which failed in its latest attempt to unseat an Iowa Supreme Court Judge, Justice David Wiggins, whom it smeared in a laughably out-of-context quote it plastered on the side of a bus (see second video for the anatomy of their defamation.)
     The Iowa Bar Association was so disgusted by the behavior of Hurley and Vander Plaats that it took the extraordinary measure of renting a truck to follow the Family Leader bus all over Iowa to set the record straight before media at every stop:

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