Thursday, June 13, 2013

1930 film shows why CB never overtook Omaha

When we at AKSARBENT first heard about this riveting flick, we thought it might have given CB an edge in its efforts to, um, outstrip Omaha, as the film's title, Man's Work, sounds totally like gay porn to anyone with any sense.
     Chamber of Commerce Rule #1: always proof-read the title cards of a promotional film made by a neighboring community that competes with you for economic development because the bastards might slyly but deliberately misspell the name of your newspaper — any pretelevision city's biggest booster.
     Also, Words Into Print says that the period at the end of a sentence goes inside the quote (title slide one) not outside it (title slide two), like AKSARBENT would know.
     The past aside, no one can say that Council Bluffs doesn't respect its heritage; even today, it remains a shining, reflective beacon for the spelling-challenged, except in the late afternoon, when the taller, newer and more attractive  buildings of Omaha begin to block out the sun.
     At AKSARBENT we never ever misspell anything although occasionally our staff (LOL) may make a typo, like — and this example is strictly theoretical — maybe typing "sulfer" instead of "sulfur" in a freaking headline!

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