Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why Nebraska landowners should NOT sign any TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline agreement

From Bold Nebraska comes an update on the suit aggressively and, so far, successfully pursued by the Domina Law Group on behalf of Nebraska landowners. Read the latest details and the legal document here.
5/13/2013: The legal team at Domina Law Group filed a response to Att. Bruning's request to have the case dismissed. This is the 2nd time the Attorney General and Governor's offices are attempting to have the case dismissed. The last time the judge sided with the citizens to allow the case to move forward. Assuming the judge sides with the citizens again, the case could be heard this summer or fall. As a reminder, if the citizens win the lawsuit then the Nebraska route is thrown out and must get approved by the PSC under their rules and regs and any cases of eminent domain TransCanada tried to use during the bast year would also be thrown out.

3/18/2013 : Judge Stacy ruled in the citizens favor allowing our side to amend the lawsuit to make it crystal clear if our side wins at the full trial, then Gov. Heineman's route (and anything that Obama might do before the case is decided) becomes void. Meaning, the route is far from settled, landowners should not be signing anything with TC (unless you want them to have a lifetime easement that they could turn around and use for a different project) and Congress should back down from any forced approval of the pipeline. This is the second time citizens have won in this case; the first time came when Judge Stacy denied the State of Nebraska's motion to dismiss the case.

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