Thursday, May 16, 2013

Topless 1991 Golden Girl painting by John Curran gets Daily Beast locked out of its Facebook page

Cropped image
Nice to know that Facebook's hamfisted bots treat everyone stupidly without any favoritism.
     The painting, “Bea Arthur Naked” — depicted staring blankly from the canvas with bare, sagging breasts by kitsch artist John Curran sold for $1.9 million to an anonymous phone bidder at Christie's yesterday.
     From the Washington Post:

Editors at the Daily Beast... posted a picture of the obviously titled “Bea Arthur Naked” on the social network site and promptly got locked out of their company page. That, the Daily Beast’s Brian Ries argued on Twitter, was weird for a few reasons: it essentially banned a news organization and prevented its distribution of an image, which is a work  by an acclaimed painter.

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