Thursday, May 16, 2013

Employers: the next time a Liberty University graduate asks you for a job, you may want to check out the culture of his/her alma mater

Hiring the product of a radical right-wing educational bigot factory massively subsidized by the federal government could cost you big time.
     How much is "big time," exactly? Try $1,165,215 — that's what a Liberty University graduate who sneeringly degraded a gay colleague in the workplace cost the LAPD when his target got fed up and took it to the judge.
     It seems that some Liberty University grads have trouble transitioning from the model of superheated abuse exemplified by faculty members like J. Matt Barber at an institution in which "religious freedom" lets heterosexual supremacists run wild — and the larger, secular world where that stuff doesn't fly.
     Professor Barber evidently has deleted the tweet below, but he seems not to understand that tweets, like what a cat tries to bury in the litter box, can always be unearthed by the people who start watching you and recording your reckless excess when you bait, provoke, excoriate and lie about them repeatedly.
    In 2010, Liberty University received $445,000,000 in federal financial aid, according to Alex Parene at Salon. (That's $25,000,000 more than the government gave to NPR.)
     The huge sum was because of the explosive growth of Liberty's online program, which enrolled 52,000 students in 2010. The school became the became the largest recipient of Pell grant money in the state of Virginia.
     In 2012, gay mom Janet Jenkins filed a civil RICO racketeering lawsuit against several employees of Liberty University for conspiring to kidnap her daughter, who is now somewhere in Nicaragua. The pastor involved in the case has been sentenced to 27 months in prison.
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  1. I am grateful for the occasional person who makes obvious what the rest of them are trying to hide.