Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day in Omaha:
Skip it even if you hate gay marriage

Dead at 60 of a heart attack: Don Perry, PR VP
of Chick-fil-A, purveyor of high-calorie,
cholesterol-ridden, fried chicken sandwiches.
Update 2: Video of the protest is here.
Update 1: Ken Riter has organized a protest of Chick-fil-A to take place outside its 33rd & Farnam outlet at the Mutual of Omaha Bank Building food court from 5-7 pm.
     Riter announced it on his Facebook page, but to see the announcement you have to join Facebook. Screw that. Another facebook page (thanks for the heads-up,  Karen) has the deets and you don't have to give Mark Zuckerberg your personal information.

     Bad AKSARBENT is tempted to encourage homophobes (who tend to be older and therefore more at risk for heart attacks and strokes) to dine on salt-laced, calorie-laden, fried-in-grease Chick-fil-A products as often as possible in order to meet the same fate as company public relations honcho Donald A. Perry, a "member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years" — until last Friday when he collapsed from a heart attack and died at the ripe old age of 60.
     Good AKSARBENT, of course, wants these people to extend their lives by staying away from the 1600+ grease pits run by artery-clogging fast food billionaire Dan Cathy, in the hope that they will live long enough to to grow out of the irrational right-wing mindset that attracts them, like moths to the flame that kills them early, to junk food tycoons like Cathy who apparently hope that wearing piety on their corporate sleeves will distract onlookers from the human wreckage caused by their crap food business model.

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Most Chick-fil-A fast food is so nutritionally lousy it makes even McDonalds' options look good by comparison. You'd have to be both homophobic AND stupid to eat to eat there often.


  1. Step away from the populist authoritarianism for a second and consider this might be about free speech-- not homophobia or nutritional value. There is no actual discrimination in hiring or service going on so you are advocating punishing someone for their belief. One day your ideas may not be popular and who will defend your right to spout ignorant and offensive ideas? Maybe a little less gloating over the death of an actual human being and a little more consideration of peace, love and respect for all humans would be in order. Besides, have you tasted the waffle fries? They are delicious.

  2. btw, tv station KOHA channel 48.1

    aka Omaha's Daystar station http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daystar_Television_Network

    is also defending chick-fil-a

    (see) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vfog_rA4Hs4


    KOHA 48.1 aka Daystar airs paid programs from ministries

    such as John Hagee and Kenneth Copeland (both of whom also airs on KXVO channel 15 and are sponsored by various churches in omaha area)

    and also:

    Jack Van Impe (who also airs on KPTM fox 42 of omaha)

  3. Did you really compare a grilled chicken salad to a fried chicken sandwich???

    Chick-fil-a char grilled salad is 180 calories, croutons are 50 calories, and the berry balsamic dressing is 70 calories....now we know why you didn't compare apples to apples. Your argument is invalid.