Friday, July 20, 2012

Aurora CO gunman kills 14, injures 50 during AK-47 rampage at midnight showing of new Batman film

Suspect James Holmes, 24, described as a
medical student from San Diego who
dropped out of a doctoral program at the
University of Colorado medical school
last month. (University of CO photo.)
UPDATE: Police took the shooting suspect into custody outside the theater. His vehicle was parked outside a back door. ABC is reporting that when apprehended he told police he was the joker and was sporting hair dyed red. He may be schizophrenic.
    Death toll has been revised to 12. As many as 71 people were shot. Police say weapon was an AR-15. Alleged shooter's apartment is booby-trapped with incendiary devices and and the apartment and surrounding buildings have been evacuated.
     Right-wing politicians have wasted no time in exploiting the killings to further their agenda. The Heritage Foundation gave TX Rep. Louie Gohmert a forum to blame the extend of the carnage on victims (for not carrying guns to the movies) and Atheists (for insisting on separation of church and state).

Updated video report from Gannett:


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