Thursday, July 26, 2012

As tonight's Omaha Vigil Against Violence begins, suspicions about assault on Lincoln gay woman linger

Update: Vigil photos here.

The World-Herald is reporting that Lincoln police still haven't ruled out the possibility that the home invasion and failed arson attempt targeting a gay woman who said epithets were cut into her and that she was bound, might have been staged.
     The woman's attorney, Megan Mikolajczyk, said that neither she nor her client had accepted any money from fundraisers, that a bank account set up for those funds will be managed by a third-party trustee and that any funds beyond the woman's expenses relating to the incident would be donated to other charity.
     Tyler Richard, of Outlinc, a Lincoln gay rights group said: “Here's what I know: In Lincoln, we have a very qualified and sensitive law enforcement. They have a history of support for the community and a willingness to bring in additional law enforcement if necessary. They will conduct the investigation in a way that gets to the truth.”
     Tonight's vigil starts at 8:30 at Memorial Park at 6005 Underwood just north of Dodge Street.
     The Facebook page for the gathering estimated attendance at about 3,500, predicated on the number of responses.

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