Wednesday, July 25, 2012

'Angel' appears at Batman shootings vigil — a bit late

Why, it's so real it looks fake! And no one else seems to have photo­graphed it or noticed it!
     Channel 7 said:
Crystal Fuller snapped a photo of some clouds gathered above the theater that she believes looks like an angel. Fuller wrote on Facebook:
I took this picture last night after I left the vigil....Looks like an Angel in the clouds above Century 16. Touching!
Crystal posted the photo on the 7News Facebook page and the picture had already garnered hundreds of comments and more than 1,000 shares.
One of the comments was:
Yes. I see the angel in the photo and she's beautiful! I pray this angel and many others are giving comfort to the Colorado victims, their families and friends.
AKSARBENT thinks the 'Angel' would have been even more comforting to the tragedy-stricken families at the vigil had it shown up a few minutes before the shooter starting pumping bullets from 30-bullet high capacity clips which are now legal again, thanks to the tireless efforts of the NRA.

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