Monday, May 14, 2012

Video: Lincoln, NE passes gay rights measure 5-0; both Republicans abstain; AKSARBENT/YouTube celebrity Jane Svoboda displeased; urges everyone to seek psychological counseling

AKSARBENT had stupidly turned the camera off when Jane got up to object to passage of Lincoln's new LGBT ordinance. We didn't record Councilman Adam Hornung shutting her down as he firmly explained that no further comment was allowed after the vote.
     No matter. Jane was prepared (at 14:10) with material on other important matters, such as:
  • dietary tips to ward off Alzheimer's,
  • the necessity of psychological counseling for everyone,
  • bike lanes, and
  • Nebraska Atty. General Jon Bruning's refusal to answer her letters.
Jane has some issues, but she's really starting to grow on us. We can see why UNL students have dedicated a twitter account, facebook page and blog to her.

We're not so crazy about the most of the people below, whose nasty antigay testimony in Lincoln was even meaner than a similar effort recently in Omaha. The Christian outpouring was a calculated, coordinated and cynical character assassination of an entire class of people and filled with lies and/or preposterous exaggeration from start to finish. Here's a big helping of the contrived contempt, with some bittersweet encouragement at the end.

UPDATE: Family First, Focus on the Family's Nebraska "affiliate" and the Nebraska Family Council say they will start gathering signatures to force a referendum on the ordinance. Expect a jihad of scare tactics like the ones above. Here are some of the fear tactics that the Nebraska Family Council is employing on its web site targeting business owners. 

Below is video of the testimony of Hannah Buell, of the Nebraska Family Council, which said it will attempt a referendum to dump LGBT employment and public accommodations protection in Lincoln. The very first example she cites has nothing to do with LGBT laws — employers have long had the right to fire employees who publicly excoriate the policies and core values of their employers.


  1. Hi Aksarbent folks,

    Maybe you don't realize this, but all Lincoln City Council hearings get archived here:

    So you don't have to make your own videos filming your television or whatever low-res thing it is you're doing.

    Out of curiosity, I noticed that you made your original CBPL video private today. Any reason why? If you're doing it to "protect" CBPL, wouldn't you say the damage was already more than thoroughly done since it had already topped a million views before it went private, and had been copied and reposted by multiple other sources? But maybe you did it for another reason.

  2. Just because something is archived doesn't mean it can be downloaded. We tried. Obviously you haven't. We also tried capturing the stream with additional software and finally decided just to photograph the screen.

    As for making the video private, when we got confirmation that Ms. Svoboda was mentally ill and not a stupid, hateful eccentric, we leaned toward taking it down. What finally convinced us to do so was the the nonresponsiveness of Google, Inc. relating to our attempt to sort out a question relating to this video.

    You'd think Google, Inc. would be interested in making itself available to the uploader of the #6 trending video in the USA last weekend for a question relating to the clip, but you'd be wrong.

    Even PayPal is more responsive and accessible than is Google, which, we found out to our dismay, really couldn't care less.

  3. This lady is bat-shit crazy and this rant is hilarious