Thursday, January 26, 2012

Iowa GOP Governor Branstad won't say whether he asked to have title removed from LGBTQ Youth Conference

Branstat: Suddenly
Iowa GOP Governor Terry Branstad, who apparently has been taking duck-and-cover homophobe lessons from his Nebraska counterpart, Dave Heineman, refuses to say whether the antigay Family Leader's report that he asked to have his title stricken from the “Iowa Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth” is true.

The Des Moines Register quotes the Family Leader's Legislative Report:

The Governor’s office told us last week that they have asked the confer­ence organizers to remove the word ‘Governor’s’ from the event. The Governor’s spokes­man also indicated that state government agencies would not be participating in the confer­ence, like they did under Governors Vilsack and Culver.

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