Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Craig Ferguson and his haunted Omaha hotel

I stayed in some great hotels when I was out on the road... and none of them were haunted, except one. Now I can't tell you which one, but it was the Hotel Deco in Omaha, Nebraska [the former Raddison Reddick, downtown at 15th & Harney.]
     I know some of you are probably skeptical that the hotel was haunted. 'Did you see ghosts. Craig?' No, I didn't see ghosts. Or, 'Did the furniture move?' No. No, I didn't see that.
     But I did hear a spooky moaning in the middle of the night. I heard that... But that was just the hobo sleeping next to me. I know I shouldn't really pick up snory hobos. By the way, Snory Hobos is the folk singer who opens for me on the road.

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