Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Fox News attacks! Todd Starnes comes to the rescue of bigoted homophobic cake maker

Fox Nation Special Victims Unit investigator Todd Starnes is on the case!

In a curiously slanted recounting of the same-sex cake imbroglio which went viral yesterday, Starnes, who occupies Fox News Radio, quoted Victoria Childress about how she supposedly made five cakes for a tasting before "discovering" that her prospects were two women planning their wedding, at which point her rather selective religious morality dictated that she should frost a couple of lesbians.

Starnes evidently didn't bother interviewing Trina Vodraska and Janelle Sievers, who drove some distance to Des Moines for the tasting, who said they made it clear on the telephone beforehand that the cake was for their wedding, and who said they were "degraded" by a holier-than-thou Christer and her homegirl posse.

Typical of of dozens of fact-challenged comments about Starnes' sob sister saga by the Fox News listeners, or even readers, was this, by a Stacey Capps, of Knoxville, TN:
AGREE! She [Childress] has a right to deny her service. See it's not EQUAL rights they want, it's SPECIAL rights they want. We must all "accept" them but they are not willing to offer equal acceptance to those whose beliefs differ. They are considering civil rights suit? I don't think so. Please. Find somebody else to bake your cake.
The first level of stupidity in Stacey's facebook posting, above, is her bogus claim that Childress has a right to deny service to a gay couple who are a protected class in Iowa's 2007 law governing Public Accommodation by licensed businesses. In fact, Childress does not have this right, at least not on account of the fact that her two customers were gay. Childress has admitted that her denial of service was based specifically on that bias.

The second level of stupidity in Stacey Capps' posting is her twisted conclusion that by expecting equal treatment under a law that specifically includes them, a gay Iowa couple is demanding "special rights" and her specious assertion that "they" (whatever THAT means) "aren't willing to offer equal acceptance to those whose beliefs differ."

Who are "they," Stacey? Any of the gay principals in this case? How do you know this, dumbass?

Like most of the incurious and unstudied commenters of Fox Nation, Ms. Capps seems willfully ignorant of several easily-discovered, yet critical facts. (I assume Capps can read, can Google, can type and could find out what the 2007 Public Accommodations Law in Iowa actually says, provided she has any interest in this incident beyond releasing the dam of distortions and misinformation that has been pooling on the plateau inside her skull.)

Capps' (and Starnes') Christers-as-victims mindsets might be surprised to learn that Iowa's 2007 law protects religious bigots as well as gay people, which means that if a Fox-News-watching heterosexual supremacist like Capps walked into a gay cake shoppe in Iowa to buy something, the business would would have to accommodate her obnoxious, whining and martyred self.

Capps sees nothing but the delusion that her fellow Christers deserve a special exemption from the law when the banquet tables are turned.

As if that weren't enough, Stacey gathers the long train of her pugnacious, hypocrisy-studded ignorance to make a toxic and inexplicable accusation that gay couples are demanding "special rights" because they expect fair and balanced (if you will) treatment under the law — even as Stacey defends a selfish, fellow Christer who exempts herself from that same law via imaginary special privileges granted unto herself by herself, and then ridiculously proclaims on television that she isn't discriminating against anyone.

Frankly, AKSARBENT thinks that the Ms.Stacey Capps of Knoxville TN, who posted the words above, is either incapable of critical thinking or is two eggs short of a quiche.

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