Wednesday, May 25, 2011

North Carolina Republican Patrick McHenry repeatedly (and falsely) accuses Elizabeth Warren, tapped to head Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of lying

From AlterNet comes a catalogue of the hypocrisy of Rep. Patrick McHenry, whose campaign paymasters include Wells Fargo (of drug cartel money laundering fame), Bank of America, the ABA and ethically-challenged PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Tuesday, McHenry accused Elizabeth Warren of lying about the advice she gave to Treasury Secretary Tm Geithner and state attorneys-general about foreclosure fraud committed by the very companies whose money propels McHenry's campaigns. The record shows she did no such thing.

Then he accused her of lying about how much time she could schedule for his hearing.

Legendary Omaha invester Warren Buffett, named the top money manager of the 20th Century by the Carson Group, has been an ardent supporter of Elizabeth Warren.

Here's a video she made about the coming collapse of the middle class:

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