Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nashville gay rights law killed by Tennessee governor; Haslam jumps at chance to sign HB600/SB632; no comment on signing

By Monday, several more members of the board of the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry tried to disassociate themselves from HB 600/SB 632 which would nullify Nashville's new LGBT antidiscrimination ordinance. Even the Chamber reversed itself. But none were quick enough to keep antigay Republican Tennessee governor Bill Haslam from pouncing on the opportunity to strip Music City of its freedom to decide for itself on the matter. Haslam is the wealthy heir to the Pilot truck stop and convenience store fortune. In 2008, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum issued subpoenas to Pilot for investigation of price gouging in the days following Hurricane Ike.

bintibee, Flickr

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