Friday, May 20, 2011

Minnesota House speaker is SHOCKED by Bradlee Dean's tirade/prayer; says he'll never allow it again

The Minnesota Independent reports on the reaction of Republican House Speaker Kurt Zeller to well-known homophobic zealot Bradlee Dean's invocation to the Minnesota House, after being invited to be House Chaplain for the day by that state's GOP. Bradlee has said that the average gay person is a sexual predator responsible for 117 molestations before he is found out.
     Despite his subsequent backpedaling, Zeller did not sound shocked or outraged at all in the video below when, after Dean's invocation, he introduced Dean to the members of the house and identified his church. Hours later, after fuming house members of both parties had another chaplain conduct an invocation do-over, Zeller had a sudden change of heart:
“Earlier today there was a prayer given by a man I personally denounce. The decorum and dignity of this body is my responsibility. I did not live up to that responsibility today. For that, I apologize. This is the people’s House. Each member deserves the dignity and respect of all of us,” he said. “Members I can only ask for your forgiveness. That type of person will never ever be allowed on this House floor again as long as I have the honor of serving as speaker.”

Zeller apparently preapproved Dean's appearance.

Minnesota Public Radio reported that it was Rep. Ernie Leidiger, R-Mayer who requested the appearance of Dean, Minnesota's most virulent homophobe, to give the prayer. The Minnesota House web site notes that in his office, Leidiger prominently displays an American flag propped up in a coffee cup promoting the Tea Party Patriots, an astroturf organization funded by the Koch Brothers.

UPDATE: More GOP buck passing: Fox News 9 is saying that Leidiger claims someone from Dean's ministry requested the invite. He says he only knew of Dean's past work educating students on constitutional issues and not his controversial antigay past remarks.

Of course he didn't. Why would a tea party activist like Leidiger have any idea that like-minded political nutcases in Minnesota held homophobic views? He must have been in the bathroom when the news coverage of Deans' antigay views flooded Minnesota's airwaves! He must not have seen the print coverage or the internet postings. He must have missed them all!

Because Dean is SO much more famous in Minnesota for his work educating students on constitutional views than for his vicious defamation of and violent exhortations against gay people...

AKSARBENT totally believes you, Mr. Leidiger. And we stand with you with all the loyal tenacity of your Republican colleague Kurt Zeller, after he sticks a wet finger into the winds of prevailing political opinion.

Ernie Leidiger, R-Mayer
415 State Office Building
100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Saint Paul, Minnesota 55155

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