Friday, May 20, 2011

Liberty University graduate's homophobia costs LAPD $1,165,215

The Los Angeles Times is reporting a $1.1 million sexual harassment/retaliation payout (presumably not including department legal fees) over treatment of Sgt. Ronald Crump by Lt. John Romero, his direct supervisor. Apparently this financial and professional debacle is the result of the kind of education he received at Jerry Falwell's Liberty University, which received $445,000,000 in federal financial aid last year, according to Alex Parene at Salon. (That's $25,000,000 more than the government gave to NPR.)
     The massive sum was thanks to the growth of Liberty's online program, which enrolled 52,000 students last year. The school is the largest recipient of Pell grant money in the state of Virginia.

Lt. John Romero, LAPD,
Latin American Law
Enforcement Assoc.
"Lt. John Romero -- made derogatory remarks about his homosexuality. Romero, who has since been promoted to captain, allegedly described him as "the new Ruby minus the heels," in reference to the woman he replaced in the unit.
On another occasion, Romero allegedly told him, "I was a religion major at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew I had hired you."

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