Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Craig Ferguson French Rip Off Host Appears on The Late Late Show

Since it was an "homage," everyone was happy and everyone got a ratings bump. Some dialogue:
Craig: Can't stop thinking about that French Dude...he's dreamy.

Later, during tweets and emails:

Craig: You're a charming bastard, aren't you? You charming bastard. You just charmed me. I'm not even gay and I'd do you.
Geoff, the robot: Is that code?
Craig: Nope, that's right on the nose, Geoff. I was tellin' it like it is.

Craig: You ever met any Irish dudes? I wouldn't want to be married to one. They're handy in a bar fight but...If you were gay, would you marry a dude?
Arthur: Not yet...
Craig: I think the French press are going to enjoy that...
What do you think the secret of happiness is? Cash?
Arthur: No. For me, the secret of happiness today is to be on your show.
At this point, Ferguson had to pay him, so he offered Arthur a choice of a five-Euro note or a dollar. Arthur smilingly lied to Ferguson, telling him they were worth exactly the same, and pocketed the five-Euro note.

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