Thursday, July 14, 2016

Karma's a bitch: antigay Glenn Beck's bull having an affair with a neighbor's bull; refuses to mate with Beck's cows

The neighbor's bull jumps two fences to visit his boyfriend in Beck's herd. Glenn does not like this. We do, because it is a welcome relief from stories about Taylor Swift's love life.
     By the way, it's not just bulls. We remember a story in the New York Times (we think) published shortly after Brokeback Mountain was released about humans not being the only gay characters in the movie. About 7-9% of domesticated Big Horn rams will have nothing to do with ewes, to the eternal consternation of sheep ranchers. If the statistic in the story is reliable, that would make homosexuality about twice as popular among those sheep as it is among American human males. Not as unnatural as your local homophobic priest or Baptist minister would like you to believe.
(Via Right Wing Watch)

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