Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Papers please: Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse's invitation-only meeting with constituents also
requires a government-issued I.D.

In response to Sen. Sasse's "humbly" requested input, AKSARBENT humbly suggests that people who didn't get an invitation park themselves outside the Blair venue with placards pointing out Sasse's litany of right-wing legislative provocations against a middle class that is already on the ropes.
     For this, neither an invitation nor a government-issued I.D. is required, or at least wasn't the last time we checked the freedom-to-assemble part of the U.S. Constitution.
     Sasse, backed by Wall St. fatcats who have vowed to put farm subsidies on a "path to elimination," kicked 50,000 gay Nebraskans to the curb with his anti-gay marriage stance and used transparently cheap GOP semantics to deny the human cause of global warming. He is a right-wing ideologue without vision.
     When running for election he tweeted a picture of Herbie Husker as a Team Sasse member, then deleted the tweet without explanation when the University of Nebraska (which likes to keep Herbie nonpartisan) got riled.
     Sasse was a signatory to hothead Sen. Tom Cotton's possibly treasonous letter attempting to sabotage White House negotiations with Iran on its development of nuclear energy.
      In the interim between being elected and taking office, Sasse was too busy to talk to KMTV about the then-just-released CIA torture report but somehow found the time to talk to an antigay radio hate group leader.
Ken Riter advises us that Lisa Hannah wants us to know that the photo he tweeted was hers; AKSARBENT is happy to make the acknowledgement.

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  1. Sasse is an ideologue of the dangerous kind: right-wing, corporate fed, christian-fascist inspired, supremacist-minded, and literally has NO doubts about his political brilliance.