Tuesday, June 2, 2015

MSNBC: 'Nebraska, have you hired a [drug] mule?'

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts
Pete Ricketts evidently cannot grasp the meaning of  "illegally importing drugs" as he continues his quest to score unapproved, embargoed execution drugs from India (cost: $54,000) even after the state's Unicameral outlawed the death penalty over his dead veto and even after the DEA confiscated execution drugs four years ago when Dave Heineman and Jon Bruning tried the same ploy.
     Ricketts is making himself — and the state — the laughingstock of two national television networks: first HBO and now MSNBC, whose Rachel Maddow sarcastically asked last night: "Nebraska, have you hired a [drug] mule?"

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  1. People today are so desperate to do such things like this to overcome poverty. They didn't even think twice what risk they've been doing. They will end up to jail or even death.