Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hey married gay couples! Want to simplify your taxes? Leave Nebraska

Pete Ricketts's alleged concern about the burden of government paperwork, like so many other of his other empathetic pronouncements about the vexations of that middle class that he left so long ago, do not apply to gays because he is, of course, a hard-core heterosexual supremacist who seems never to have met an antigay policy that he either didn't like or at least couldn't contentedly live with.
     One specific area of Ricketts' overall lack of concern in respect of Nebraska's 50,000 LGBTs, are the 1,947 words of state income tax instructions in two documents that they must contend with that heterosexuals don't (provided the gay couple married in one of the dozens of non-Nebraska states that value them).
     (We shall charitably forget about how much it cost Nebraska to write and publish those instructions.)
     Take a look at the following (click to enlarge) and remember it, boys and girls, the next time Pete Ricketts smiles at your from your television, blows pandering smoke at you about Nebraska Values, and then asks for your vote.

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