Sunday, October 12, 2014

Did Pepsi sneak a gay blue-collar couple into a TV ad 45 years ago?

Tom Gilbert, who uploaded the ad to YouTube, said: "One of earliest of the "You've Got a Lot to Live" spots that ran from 1969-72. Note the blue collar gay couple. Don't you think?"
     One commenter said the couple were the racial integration poster characters — but two schoolboys appeared later in the ad who punched that ticket.
     AKSARBENT will reserve judgement on whether the pair were construction buds — or more — until we knew whether they were going to a job site together —  or leaving together. (The black half of the duo does seem to have a girlfriend — or sister — or beard.)
     In any case, we don't expect 2014 PepsiCo to return any calls on that question since there's a good chance the ad's art director has gone to that big focus group in the sky if the drinking habits of 60s admen are accurately reflected by Don Draper and Company.

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