Sunday, October 12, 2014

Ben Sasse brags about leaving 'No Voter Behind'
but his marriage equality stance kicks 50,000 gay Nebraskans to the curb

Sasse's web site reprints a puff piece by the far-right Weekly Standard that dutifully reports the number of pushups Ben can do, but doesn't explain why stiff-arming 50,000 gay Nebraskans won't leave those voters among them behind.
     Sasse has proven totally obeisant to the most homophobic pressure groups in Nebraska, including the Nebraska Family  Alliance, the renamed version of the Nebraska Family Council, which was instrumental, in 2000, in gathering signatures to put Initiative 416 on the state ballot, which banned gay marriage, civil unions AND domestic partnerships in the state, even though gay marriage was already against the law. (How's that for all-encompassing, scorched-earth animus?)
     Recently, the same group of Star City homeboys and girls that Sasse sucks up to gathered 10,000 signatures to kill Lincoln's LGBT fairness doctrine, passed 5-0 by the Lincoln City Council.
     If you didn't get the message implicit in Sasse's pilgrimage to the Nebraska Family Alliance's video studio in Lincoln to pander to Nebraska's most hardcore heterosexual supremacists, you can read it on his web site:

     The contrast between Sasse's indifference-to-outright-hostility, in respect of legitimate gay concerns, versus the sensitivity of his opponent, David Domina, to those same concerns, couldn't be starker.
     Here is what Dave Domina thinks: (Click to enlarge if need be.)

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