Monday, September 29, 2014

Forget bending: iPhone 6's biggest problem may be its serious camera flaws

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Tom's Guide, the sister publication of the venerable website, Tom's Hardware, says the iPhone 6 has a serious camera problem — and the cause may not be the phone or camera hardware.
     Testers repeatedly found white balance problems on three different iPhone 6s involving chromatic aberration revealing a purple cast around edges of the picture as well as the same purple cast in some light-colored objects such as Caucasian hands.
Apple iPhone 6 (left) vs. Samsung Galaxy S5
     Lest you think you can escape the problem by purchasing an iPhone 5, read this:
     We saw similar problems in photos and videos from an iPhone 5 and 5s that were running the new iOS 8 operating system. But we did not see the color issues with an iPhone 5 and 5s running iOS 7, which leads us to believe that Apple may be able to fix the color problem by issuing an update to iOS 8. 
The publication found Apple's speculation about the problem less than persuasive:
     In reviewing some of our test photos, Apple representatives said that the colors may have shifted as the result of changing content in different photos. But that's not how white balance works. It takes account of the color of light falling on the subjects, not on the assortment of subjects in a photo. Regardless of what else is happening in the shot, red peppers should never look purple, and white hands shouldn't turn pink.

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